Gassho, Bow & Prostration 禮敬三寶的禮儀

Bow & Prostration


From a simple bow to a full prostration, Buddhists of different countries pay homage to the Buddha in a variety of ways. Bowing to Buddha’s statue is a sign of respect for the Buddha. Lowering oneself before the Buddha is also an act of genuine humility.


Gassho position 合掌

Put the palms of your hands together with the thumbs aligned。


Bow 問訊

Bow is not a nod, you must bend to ninety degrees or less, not too low.


Prostrations 頂禮

Bend forward, place your hands flat facing upward on the ground, lower your knees to the ground, and touch your forehead to the ground.

拜佛時要五體投地,不可翹臀。雙手翻掌,手心向上托起,觀想接佛足,雙腳,額頭都要著地。 則聽其意圖。