Stories 故事

  • Cherish Your Blessings 知福、惜福
    Once upon a time, there was a king who was depressed all day long, so he sent his minister to seek for ways to happiness. One day, upon arriving at a poor village, he heard a farmer singing happily. 從前有個國王,整日鬱鬱寡歡,於是派了個大臣四處找尋快樂的方法。有一天,大臣走過一個貧窮的村落時,聽到一個農夫快樂地歌唱。 […]
  • Gratefulness and Sense of Gratitude 感恩、報恩
    In ancient India, a minister accompanied the emperor to hunt in the mountains. Accidentally, the emperor's hand was cut by a tree branch and bled a lot. 在遠古的印度,一位大臣陪同皇帝上山狩獵。一不小心,皇帝的手被道旁樹枝劃破了,流了很多血。 […]
  • Practitioner’s Armor 修行人的盔甲
    Ancient warriors fought in the front line often wore armor and carried shields for protection, otherwise they would easily be injured or even killed by the enemies. 古代戰士上前線打仗,若不穿盔甲、不拿盾牌, 極易被敵人所傷,甚至喪命。 […]
  • Mirror in a Treasure Box 寶箱中的鏡子
    Once upon a time, there was a very poor man who owed lot of debts to others. One day, he fled to a deserted field and found a box there. 從前有一個人,很是貧窮,且欠了人家很多的債,沒有辦法償還,只得逃到別處去躲避。有一天,他逃到了荒涼的田野裏,看見放著一個箱子 […]
  • Let Go of Your Grasp 放下
    A hiker waded through the mountains and accidentally fell into a deep valley. In a very dangerous moment, he grasped the tree branches on the cliff with both hands and temporarily saved his life. 遊人跋山涉水, 一不小心, 掉進深谷。慌亂中, 他雙手死命地抓住崖壁上的樹枝, 暫時保住了性命 […]
  • The Hand that Gives, Gathers 能捨才能得
    A farmer received some good quality maize seeds from his relative, he was not sure if the maize seeds could really increase the yield, so he made a trial on a small piece of his own farmland. 一位農民得到親戚送來的一些玉米良種,但他不確定這種子是否真的能提高產量,便先在自家的地裏試種了一小塊。 […]
  • The Bodhi Light 心中的明燈
    A blind man visited his friend and had a good chat into the night. When the blind man was ready to go home, he asked his friend for a lantern to light up the way home. 一位盲者拜訪朋友, 相談甚歡。入夜天黑, 盲者臨走時, 向朋友要一隻燈籠照亮回家的路 […]
  • The Fate of Two Beggars 兩個乞丐的命運
    The abbot then lifted a brick with one of his hands and said. "This task can be done with one single hand!" The beggar then lifted a brick with one hand as instructed. 方丈用自己的一隻手搬起一塊磚,說道:“這樣的事一隻手也能做!” […]
  • Buddha Threading the Needle 佛陀穿針
    "It was the Buddha who threaded the needle for you." The Buddha answered while mending the torn hole. “是佛陀為你穿針。”佛陀一面回答,一面為他縫補破洞。 […]