Buddha Threading the Needle 佛陀穿針

Buddha Threading the Needle


Do not under-estimate the merit of good deeds, no matter how insignificant they seem. Little drops of water can make a mighty ocean.

Anuruddha was a dedicated monk. He devoted himself to chanting the scriptures, often staying up all night. Because of overwork, he became blind. Although he was sad, he did not lose hope but instead studied more diligently. One day, his clothes had a hole in them, so he mended them himself. Later, the thread came off and he could not see, so he was in great distress. Knowing the difficulty of Anuruddha, the Buddha came to his room and took the thread and threaded the needle for him.

"Who threaded the needle for me?" Anuruddha asked.

"It was the Buddha who threaded the needle for you." The Buddha answered while mending the torn hole. Anuruddha was touched that he shed tears.

"It is our duty to have compassion for others and to help others."

The Buddha set a good example for everyone. Knowing this, the disciples were very touched and all encouraged each other to help each other and serve the public.