Let Go of Your Grasp 放下

Let Go of Your Grasp


A hiker waded through the mountains and accidentally fell into a deep valley.  In a very dangerous moment, he grasped the tree branches on the cliff with both hands and temporarily saved his life. He was stuck and was hanging in the air.  While the hiker was in a dilemma, just didn't know what to do, he looked up and saw the Buddha, he then called out for help.  The Buddha extended a helping hand and said: "Hey! Let go of your hand grasping the branch and hold onto my hand instead!"  The hiker refused to do so cause he thought once he let go of his hand, he would fall into the deep valley and died.  If the hiker didn't let go of his hand, how could the Buddha save him?

遊人跋山涉水, 一不小心, 掉進深谷。慌亂中, 他雙手死命地抓住崖壁上的樹枝, 暫時保住了性命, 但仍身懸半空中, 上下 不得。進退兩難之際, 他抬頭一望, 忽然看見懸崖上的佛陀, 便大聲呼叫求救。佛陀向他伸出援手:「來! 把抓住樹枝的手放開, 拉住我的手!」遊人心想, 手一放開, 勢必落入萬丈深淵, 摔得粉身碎骨, 他怎麼也不肯放。遊人不放手, 佛陀如何救他?

It is rather difficult for worldly ones to let go of their grasps on status, professional achievement, and wealth etc.  One would doubt and questioned: “Why don’t you show me on what to let go? And what can I live without?”  When will we take a pause in our busy schedules and reflect on what we have really achieved in this lifetime?  This is the case for the ignorant hiker in the story.  A wise person should put aside fame and fortune in exchange for peace of mind throughout the life. Those who failed to let go of grasp will not be able to cherish the present moment with a peaceful mindset.

世人一聽到「放下」二字, 便面露難色, 還振振有詞:「你倒是教教我, 該放哪一樣? 能放哪一樣?」於是功名、事業、財富………樣樣都抓在手中。究竟要等到何時, 人們才會停下來想一想: 忙碌了一輩子, 到底真正擁有了甚麼? 故事中愚昧的遊人正是如此。有智慧的人, 應放下浮誇的功名富貴, 以換得一生的安心自在。能捨才能得; 不能捨的人, 既不能真正擁有眼前的一切, 也失去了平和的心境 。