The Bodhi Light 心中的明燈

The Bodhi Light


A blind man visited his friend and had a good chat into the night. When the blind man was ready to go home, he asked his friend for a lantern to light up the way home. His friend was curious and asked "What do you need the lantern for? Day and night should not have any difference on you?" "Although I do not need the lantern to light the road, but others can see me with the lantern and will not run into each other." The blind man explained.

一位盲者拜訪朋友, 相談甚歡。入夜天黑, 盲者臨走時, 向朋友要一隻燈籠照亮回家的路。朋友感到很奇怪,「你要燈籠做甚麼, 白天黑夜, 應該對你沒有太大的影響啊?」「我雖然不須燈籠照路, 但有了燈籠, 別人就可以看到我啊。這樣大家就不會撞到一塊兒了。」盲者解釋道。

The lantern is like the Bodhi's light in people's heart.  As virtuous person had said: " If water flows into thousands of rivers, moon can be seen in thousands of rivers.  If no cloud in ten thousand miles of sky, clear sky extends to ten thousand miles." Although there is only one moon in the sky, as long as the river is calm, thousands of rivers can reflect thousands of bright moons; when the cloud and fog disperse, a clear sky will appear. Likewise, each of us has the Bodhi light in our heart, an inner light that never dims.  Our mind can be purified as we cast away the darkness, and the light in our heart will brighten up, illuminating our path to happiness and freedom.

燈籠就如同人們心中的明燈。古德云:「千江有水千江月, 萬里無雲萬里天。」儘管天上的月亮只有一個, 只要河水澄靜, 千萬條江水就能映照出千萬輪明月來; 雲開霧散, 萬里無雲的天空就會顯現出來。同樣, 我們每一個人的心中都有一盞明燈, 只要驅走心中的陰霾, 心靈就能得到淨化, 我們的心燈也將明亮起來, 照亮我們通往快樂自在之路。