The Fate of Two Beggars 兩個乞丐的命運

The Fate of Two Beggars


Once upon a time, there was a generous abbot in a temple. One day, a physically challenged beggar with only one hand begged the abbot. The abbot abruptly pointed to a pile of bricks in front of the door and said to the beggar. "Help me move these bricks to the backyard."

The beggar said angrily, "Since I only have one hand, how can I move the bricks? If you don't want to give, why bother humiliating me?"
The abbot then lifted a brick with one of his hands and said. "This task can be done with one single hand!"
The beggar then lifted a brick with one hand as instructed. It took him over two hours to move all the bricks.

The abbot handed some money to the beggar afterwards. He took the money and said gratefully, "Thank you!" The abbot replied, "You don't have to thank me, as this is what you earned for yourself." The beggar said, "I will not forget you. "After that, he bowed deeply and set off on the road.
方丈遞給乞丐一些銀子,乞丐接過錢,很感激地說:“謝謝你!”方丈說:“不用謝我,這是你自己賺的錢。”乞丐說:“我不會忘記你的。 ”說完深深地鞠了一躬,就上路了。

After a while, another beggar also came to the monastery to beg. The abbot took him to the back of the house and pointed to the pile of bricks and said to him, "I shall give you some silver if you moved the bricks to the front yard." But the beggar with healthy hands walked away contemptuously.

The confused disciple asked the abbot. "Last time you asked the beggar to move the brick from the front to the back of the house; and this time you asked the other one to move the brick from the back to the front of the house. Do you really want to put the bricks behind or in front?"

The abbot said to the disciple, "The bricks are indifference whether located in front or behind the house. However, it made a significant difference for the beggars whether they carried out their tasks or not.”

A few years later, a decent man with only one hand visited the monastery. He was the beggar who used one hand to move the bricks. Since the abbot gave him the task of moving bricks, he found his own value and then relying on his own hard work, he finally became a rich man. This time he donated a large sum of money to the monastery.

As he walked out of the temple, he ran into a beggar begging him. That beggar was a beggar with sound hands, but he is still a beggar.

The abbot said to his disciples at the gate of the temple.
"You see, this is destiny! While our fate lies in our capable hands, we can generate our own happiness and fortune"

The affluents are not born to be rich, and beggars are not born to be beggars. While wealthy individuals accumulate assets because of their dedication and hard work, the poor become beggars because they only like to enjoy the outcome without putting in the effort. Remember the word of wisdom from the abbot.

“While our fate lies in our capable hands, we can generate our own happiness and fortune.”