Learn To Chant 學習普通話諗誦

Learn To Chant


Wutai Shan Buddhist Garden has chanting sessions daily as well as in scheduled Dharma services. Our chanting is in Mandarin. If you want to be benefited from chanting and interested in participating (when available) in our chanting sessions, our website has been designed for your convenience to learn to pronounce and chant in Mandarin.

五台山佛教花園每天有早晚課諗誦,並定期法會。 我們是用普通話諗誦的。 如果想從諗誦中受益,並有興趣跟我們一起諗誦但不懂,我們的網站特别加設語音功能方便學習普通話諗誦。

Each sentence of the learning page of a mantra or sutra is grouped in three lines. The top line is the Mandarin Pin Yin (pronunciation), mid line is the Chinese words, the bottom line is the English translation.

在語音學習頁面中的咒語或經文的句子都分為三行。 最上面的一行是普通話拼音,中間的一行是中文單詞,最下面的一行是英文翻譯。

Below is guideline for learning Mandarin chanting by each word or sentence以下是按單詞或句子學習普通話的指南::

1. Make sure you accept the request from the speak out program when the request pop up 當出現請求語音輸出批准時,請確保接受請求;

2. Make sure speaker on your computer or other devices is not muted 確保用於瀏覽我們網站的設備上的揚聲器未靜音;

3. To learn word by word, please highlight the word, an audible sound of the word will be played 要逐詞學習,被突出顯示的單詞的語音將自動播放;

4. To learn sentence by sentence, click on the green button at the end of the sentence 要逐句學習,請點擊句末的綠色按鈕;

5. The top line is just for reference for proper Mandarin pronunciation by Pin Yin syllables 最上面的一行僅供普通話拼音參考.

To practice chanting on the whole mantra or sutra full scripture, open the corresponding full text page and click on the green button of the beginning or end of the page.