What is Chanting 什麼是諗誦

What is Chanting


In Buddhism, sound is considered sacred and holds the ability to cleanse the emotional energies of the body. Sound, by way of speech, is a doorway to the energetic dimensions (vibrations). In chanting, sacred mantras and sutras are repeated rhythmically, in succession.

在佛教中,聲音被認為是神聖的,被認為具有淨化身體情感能量的能力。 言語的聲音是通往能量維度(振動)的門。 在諗誦時,有節奏地重複神聖的咒語和佛經。

Benefits of Chanting 諗誦的好處

Chanting is the practice of mindfulness. It is an exercise to stay focused on one object, in order to reach one-pointedness of the mind. Due to the vibrations that reverberate through the body during the practice of chanting, it is considered that it improves immunity by stimulating the hypothalamus gland, to balance the chakra’s, to improve concentration, for a healthier heart, to relieve stress and symptoms of depression. Chanting can improves one’s patience and strengthen one’s awareness when circumstances arise.


Chanting is not only for beneficiary for oneself, but also for all beings since the energy of the sound do move outward infinitely.