Crispy Fried Bitter Melon & Pumpkin with Bread Crumbs 金沙涼瓜南瓜條

Crispy Fried Bitter Melon & Pumpkin with Bread Crumbs


Ingredients 材料 :

Fresh pumpkin Half 鮮南瓜 半個
Bitter melon 1 whole 涼瓜 1 個

Seasoning 調味料 :

Vegetable oil Right amount 油 適量
Salt Small amount 鹽 少許
Mushroom powder Small amount 素香菇粉 少許
Sugar Small amount 糖 少許
Crispy flour 1 small bowl 炸粉 1小碗
Bread crumbs Small amount 炸好麵包屑 少許

Cooking Method 做法 :

  1. Cut bitter melon and pumpkin into thick strips.
  2. Boil water with a pot, add small amount of salt, sugar and mushroom powder into the water.
  3. When water is boiled, put pumpkin and bitter melon strips into the pot, blanch the pumpkin and bitter melon strips, pour them out when they are well done and cool off with cold water.
  4. Wrap them with crispy powder and set aside.
  5. Pour vegetable oil into a wok and boil until warm, put the bitter melon and pumpkin strips into oil and deep fry until they are golden brown.
  6. Take out the deep fried bitter melon and pumpkin, drain excess oil and put them on a plate, shake bread crumbs on top and serve.