20) Main Hall Square Paving Stones 大殿前廣場地磚

Sponsorship for the Main Hall Square Paving Stones


The consecration of the Main Buddha Hall marks an important event in the history of Buddhism in North America. The Main Buddha Hall is the largest single Tang-dynasty style architectural building in North America, solemn and breath-taking.

Sponsorships are invited for:
Main Buddha Hall Square Paving Stones – CAD $150 each. One or multiple paving stones covering the important Main Buddha Hall Square can be sponsored. These permanent paving stones will be installed in front of the Main Buddha Hall, recording the merits of all visitors who walked on them as well as the merits of their sponsors.
捐贈功德將萬古流芳,您所捐贈的每一塊地磚上都將承載上所有到五台山朝山拜佛人的功德 。

To Donate please contact 捐款詳情請洽:

Cham Shan Temple Front Desk 加拿大佛教會湛山精舍 香油台

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