16) Stone-carved Steps and Railings 浮雕石欄桿階梯

Stone-carved Steps and Railings


Stone-carved Steps leading to Bodhi Path
The Main Temple of the Wutai Shan project is constructed entirely of wood, styled after the almost 1200 years old East Hall of Foguang Temple in Wutai County, Shanxi province of China. The material used is rosewood imported from Laos. All pilgrims visiting Wutai Shan Buddhist Garden are bound to enter the Main Buddha Hall. There are 68 steps on the road leading to the Hall. Each step shoulders the conviction and faith of every pilgrim. Each step is a step towards enlightenment (attaining Bodhiwisdom).

Sponsorship is invited for the Bodhi Steps. Do not miss out on this precious opportunity to leave a legacy for future generations to cherish!
Each step is 16.2 metres wide. Sponsorship can be single family or multiple families, CAD $3,800/step (engraved with 6 names)


Stone-carved Railings
Surrounding the Main Buddha Hall are 278 sections of stone-carved railings. Each railing consists of a balustrade and a handrail. Each balustrade is embossed with exquisite designs: parasol, golden fish, urn, lotus flower, conch shell, infinite knot, banner, auspicious lion, 6-tooth elephant, double dragons, etc. These railings enhance the grandeur of the temple.

Stone embossed railing is a traditional Chinese art. Each embossed design tells a Buddhist story. Besides enhancing the grandeur of the temple, it also serves to draw attention and create affinity. Every stone railing holds a wish for a beautiful future, which is an aspiration for all pilgrims.
Donors of the stone-carved railings receive blessings from the Buddhas to have their dreams fulfilled.

Sponsorship of stone-carved railings is invited. Sponsorship can be single family or multiple families, CAD $6,600/section (engraved with 10 words)

To Donate please contact 捐款詳情請洽:

Cham Shan Temple Front Desk 加拿大佛教會湛山精舍 香油台

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