Memorial Service 超薦儀式

Memorial Service 超薦儀式


Upon arrival of Sangha members into the gathering hall, all attendants please rise and face towards the central aisle, Gassho position by placing the hands, palms together, in the “prayer” or “praying hands” pose to respect the arrival of the Venerable Masters.

恭請師父們到達儀式: 倆邊大眾一齊起立,面向中間通道, 合掌恭迎師父們。

Family of the deceased are to join the Venerable Master on the central aisle with the Purification ritual. In order to purify the environment, Venerable Masters and family members with their palms joined, chanted the Great Compassion Mantra, while circulating the hall in clockwise direction for three rounds.


After the completion of Purification ceremony, family of deceased and all other attendants are to be seated. Masters began to recite the Amitabha Sutra.

灑淨完畢,師父座下後, 大家請座。開始誦佛說阿彌陀經。

After reciting the Amitabha Sutra, the family and the masters circumambulate the Buddha, chanting Amitabha, Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, Bodhisattva of Great Power and Bodhisattvas in the Quiet Sea.

誦佛說阿彌陀經完畢,家人跟師父們繞佛, 念阿彌陀佛, 觀世音菩薩,大勢至菩薩,清靜大海眾菩薩


After the circumambulation, the family offered incense to the deceased. Then everyone follows the Venerable Master in dedicating the merits to the deceased.

Purpose:  By dedicating the merits of recitation of sutras, mantras, verses and Buddha’s names to the deceased, we pray that our ancestor will let go of all attachments and seek rebirth in the Pure Land.


意義:願以所持誦之經文,經咒, 佛號,迴向給亡者, 消除業障,離苦得樂, 同生西方極樂國。

All family members kneel down (represent the deceased to pay respect to the Three Jewels) and listen to the master’s speech to the deceased.


Family member(s) of the deceased deliver(s) speech(es).


The master led the family members to pay homage to the deceased and cover the deceased’s body with layers of Child and Grandchild Quilt. Starting from the youngest child, each one pulls the corner of the lowest layer of guilt over the shoulder of the deceased.  The eldest son is the last one to pull the top Amitabha Quilt.

完畢,師父帶領家人瞻仰遺容和蓋子孫被: 由最小的子女開始,順序至最後大兒子蓋彌陀被。

After closing the casket, pallbearers carry the casket from hall to hearse. Other family members follow and recite the Buddha’s name to the hearse with the Venerable Master. Until the casket is placed, the hearse door is closed. The master and the deceased family go back to the auditorium to pack everything after the ceremony.


The designated drivers for the masters and the family should go to pick up their cars and line up behind the hearse. The vehicles of the masters should be the immediate vehicles behind the hearse and the vehicles of the family should follow the master’s vehicles. The vehicles in order will then follow the lead car by the funeral director from funeral home to cemetery or crematorium.

Note: The rundown above is based on a deceased parent with kids/grandkids and for reference only. It may subject to change due to special request from family, the actual number of family members attended, environment, time available, weather, gathering hall layout and arrangement by the funeral director.


It is our temple’s intention to guide the families of the deceased and all attendees in the funeral service to understand and respect Buddhist funeral rituals and its principles behind. Through the participation in a solemn Buddhist funeral ceremony, we are expressing our gratitude, respect and loving kindness towards the deceased.


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