The Five Platforms of Manjusri Bodhisattva 五臺文殊師利菩薩

Manjusri Bodhisattva manifested at the Five Platforms



Manjusri Bodhisattva is the embodiment of transcendent wisdom to awaken all sentient beings, advance learning in children and bring luck and prosperity to business.

The five statues of Wutai Shan Buddhist Garden are donated by Mount Wutai in China. They will be enshrined in the eastern, western, southern, northern and central platforms of the Wutai Shan Buddhist Garden. They represent the five kinds of Wisdom of Manjusri: Perfect Mirror-like Wisdom, Wisdom of Profound In-sight, Wisdom of Universal Equality , Wisdom of Perfect Practice, Wisdom of the Essence of the Phenomenal World.

Merits of prostrating and offerings to the Five Platforms of Manjusri Bodhisattva:-

Merits: Diminish negative energy, unpleasant and troubled feelings. Purify unwholesome karma and liberate deceased relatives and karmic debtors from sufferings. 功德利益 : 祛除晦氣,除去煩惱,消除業障,超度冤情債主。

Merits: Promote successful career path, prosperity in business development and increase in financial resources. 功德利益: 仕途遂順,生意興隆,財源廣進。

Merits: Brings forth good health, longevity, peace and auspiciousness. 功德利益 : 健康、長壽、平安、吉祥。

Merits: Success in all endeavors, in harmony with others, with no obstructions in work and business. 功德利益:諸事順利,與人和睦。做事如有障礙者,可保工作、事業順利。

Merits: Enhance your children’s intelligence, discipline and academic achievement. 功德利益:孩子聰慧、聽話,求學順利、學業有成。