Virtual Dharma Hall


Since January 1st of 2020, The Buddhist Association of Canada has hosted the online “Virtual Dharma Hall” program over Zoom in order to broadcast messages of positivity, mindfulness and ways of living during the covid pandemic. Digital, audio, visual as well as printed platforms are utilized to propagate Buddhist culture in North America.  Over the year, these lectures had been accessed tens of thousands of times.


Everyone is welcome to participate in the meditation course at the Virtual Dharma Hall at 7:30 pm EST every Friday evening (Saturday morning at 8:30 am China time), led by the Venerable Dayi Shi.

Early access to the Zoom meeting room is available starting at 7:00pm EST (8:00 am China time). Everyone is welcomed to enter the waiting room while Buddhist chanting music is played.

歡迎大家在每週五晚多倫多時間7:30 ( 中國時間每週六早上8:30) 參加湛山空中法堂禪修課程,由達義大和尚親自帶領,並做佛法開示。
會議室提前半小時開放, 即7:00pm (中國時間每週六早上8:00)。

virtual dharma hall 湛山網絡禅修課程

A new Dharma talk 5th series - Vimalakirti Sutra has been started on Jan 7, 2022 it is led by Ven. Dayi Shi. Please join us live on every Friday.
Since October 1st, 2021 live broadcast has taken place on both Zoom and YouTube platforms.  We encourage you to subscribe to our YouTube channel as well.
自 2021年十月一日,我們已在同一時段採取Zoom和YouTube雙平台直播形式:

“加拿大佛教會 湛山精舍Cham Shan Temple”觀看空中法堂直播
歡迎您訂閱YouTube頻道,“加拿大佛教會 湛山精舍Cham Shan Temple”觀看空中法堂直播。

Join Zoom Meeting 會議鏈接
會議號 meeting ID: 690 440 6372


The broadcast is conducted in Mandarin only. Due to limited resources, English subtitle of the webinars will only be posted in this website once available. Thank you for your patience.
廣播以普通話進行現場直播。 由於資源有限, 空中法堂的英文翻譯本一旦可用, 便將在本網站發布。 感謝您的耐心等待。